Mind Body Green


Green is an eternal healing energy, it’s got an extremely soothing and healing effect on the head, body and spirit. That’s the reason, whenever you choose a stroll in the park or spend some time on your garden you feel refreshed. Green is also the colour of the 4th Chakra – the heart Chakra that’s directly connected to our emotions, and more importantly love. Love is the most essential energy from the world, this is more powerful than anything else. Green is also their color associated with Archangel Raphael, their ultimate healer, that heals all pain, hurts of their heart and soul.

Psychological Energies

Consequently, today let’s follow a guided meditation into release all negative psychological energies of the system, that’s keeping us caged rather than letting us reach our full potential. Create a sacred space for yourself, by light an aromatic candle or incense, where you’ll be undisturbed for many moments. You might even play some light own meditation music for producing a more relaxing ambience. Now get to a comfortable position, you can sit back with your own spine straight or lie down on your own back. It is possible to begin with a brief prayer to God, your own higher self, your own soul guides or angels to be present with you on your own meditation.

Train Yourself

Now, close your eyes and unwind your muscles and focus your awareness on your breath and take some deep slow breaths and feel calming further. Continue for five -8 times until you feel your energy lift with every incoming breath and stress and distress leaving with the incoming breath. Now imagine a pillar of green light which descends from the heavens and entering your body throughout the crown of your own head as you consciously open the Crown Chakra to let this divine healing energy to enter your own body. This green mild fills your heart with positive vibes and all blockages and pains that you might feel as slowly dissolved and healed.

Positive Energies

Feel the love energy sense every part, every cell of your own body raising its vibration, filling it with positive energies. Feel the tingling sensation as you are feeling every cell within your own body fill with new life force, a divine love permeates your own entire being as you connect with their divine love of their all mighty. Scan your own body and heart to see if there’s still any heaviness and guide this unconditional love energy to work on their area and within moments feel the discomfort vanish. As you exhale you submit the pessimism To the divine fire that transmutes it to positive energy, Continue with this for several moments more, to are feeling completely refreshed and re energized, on mind, body and souls.

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